The Tricks Of The Flower Business

The Tricks Of The Flower Business

Remember the good at florist Singapore stalls and shops of the time, you come for flowers, a bunch of flowers on the banks and pots, the saleswoman appreciating your watch, shoes and outfit from your head dumped the price for a bouquet.

In principle, an experienced seller has never been wrong in the client’s solvency and therefore the prices could vary at times.

And here, to discover Singapore businesses comes a new format. Look, a person comes into the store, takes a pack of flowers at a fixed price, and the choice was for a rostovka 150, 250, 350, etc. and could in principle give them, if you wanted, bought a package of greens, “A florist’s bouquet”, for 150 dollars and a flower package for 50 or 100 dollars.

You could pay the seller and she picked him a bouquet. You see how easy the price was. Everything was transparent and easy.

Why 10? Well firstly for advertising, round figures attracted, secondly packs of African colours were packed in 20 pieces and they were easy to divide into bouquets.

Thirdly, in the store, everyone could divide the pack into two parts, for example, 3 and 7, or 5 and 5, and collect two different bouquets, which is already agreed upon by the extra sale of the packaging and services of the florist.

Of course, there were a certain percentage of those who were dissatisfied, asked to sell them one rose or muttered that 10 only in the cemetery, but properly trained sellers quietly explained what could be divided into several parts and two bouquets better than one, or pull one and leave it to you.

Thinking people agreed, well, if you want to buy three roses running through the nearby stalls quickly understood the difference in prices.

But the market craved a new, everywhere there were shops with this concept and immediately burned out. Flowers went to bed, low prices were not kept, and the goods were taken out by Kamaz to the dump.

Profits Of Such A System:

  •     Low price
  •     Large turnover.
  •     The possibility of centralized delivery and reduced staff costs in the field.
  •     Easy and noticeable advertising company.
  •     Yes to the fig of everything

But the most important plus of such a package was also the fact that it was possible to keep a strict accounting in stores.

Experienced sellers, even looking in the eyes of the owner, at arm’s length can put a lot of money in his pocket. Once I happened to split the cheerful team, which managed to steal up to 10 thousand a day! And the owner is not a dream, not a spirit.

So, The Most Obvious Ways:

  1. Its packaging, simply bring a roll. And they sell them in pieces, with the revision the whole package converges, a piece of paper, as I said earlier; can be sold for 200 dollars.
  2. Re-sort, cheaper flowers are given out and make way as more expensive.
  3. Nash. Oh, this nash pancake. I’ll try to explain, take bush chrysanthemum, alstroemeria and rose bush stupidly broken in half. I do not specifically paint that the florists would not reproach me that I did not get it in half, and the twigs would be plucked, etc. In short, the broken parts are typed and from them bouquets or compositions are made, according to the revision everything is in place, in fact a couple of bouquets have gone. Especially it is loved when creating toys from flowers; a couple of packs of hrzyzy dissolve in the open spaces of the store only.
  4. Reconciliation of greenery, tell me, here you can distinguish, well, for example, salal from eucalyptus, that’s what an ordinary buyer often cannot, and the difference in price is about 10 times. You sell salal, and they beat like eucalyptus, well, of course I’m imaginative, there are many options for greenery.
  5. Write-off, when there are no superiors at hand, it is possible to write off something good, for example the same chryse, broke – ups, already two, and the cluster clove in general 4, I keep silent about the alstra, it doubles in packages.

I guess I can tell 20-30 more ways, not particularly complicated, but there are entire chains of complicated ones. In short, they steal in flowers!

How to escape this? Everything is simple, accounting systems, competent audits and recruitment without experience.

Ann R. Davis

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